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"Improving Life for the Elderly through Assisted Living."

We chose this philosophy because we feel our job is to help people in a time when they have no choice but to rely on others. We take pride in the care that we give our residents. When someone moves to Citrus Manor they become part of our family. We feel it is important to care for them as we would our own parents or grandparents. Although we help with whatever our residents can't do for themselves, we strongly believe if they CAN do it, they MUST do it. If we encourage them to stay independent longer then they will have a more maningful life. Whatever we can do to improve their life, even just a little, is well worth our effort.

Citrus Manor Goals:

Our goal is to make our resident's lives as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Each resident deserves to be treated with respect, dignity and consideration. We want to provide an environment that promotes and supports each resident's individuality, independence, self-determination, privacy and choice. Through communication with the resident, the families, the doctors and Citrus Manor we hope to maintain everyone's confidence in having each resident live here for the rest of our lives.