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Lori (2012):
Yesterday would have been Memas 96th birthday and as the day progressed I couldn't help but remember the times she spent in her final years in your group home. She was treated like family while she was there, and the compassion and sensitivity given her made her feel most loved in her final years. Her indiviual needs were always prioritized through excellant care. Your home and staff was a gift from God to my family. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. Lori P.

Dr. Kay Mukhainnilli, MD (2012):
To whomsoever concerned: I have worked as a physician in the Citrus Manor group home and have taken care of many patients who reside here. The care the staff shows new arrivals is outstanding. Always communicates with the professionals and familys involved. I have been into many group homes, and this is by far my favorite. I have never seen a poorly dressed or unclean resident. The home is immaculate, never any food or any types of smells are about the entire home. The patients have alot of room in the beautiful backyard..and even have wheelchair accessible vegetable/flower gardens. I have never seen a resident sit down idly without the caregivers fussing over them. I thoroughly recommend this home to anyone especially if they want their loved ones to receive the best care that comes with reasonable prices. Thank you. Dr. Kay Mukhainnilli, MD

Norma (2012):
The first words my Mom said as she entered Citrus Manor were "What a beautiful home". The staff is capable, friendly, and concerned for the residents and found the interests of each resident. Many times when I would come, Mom would be playing one of her favorite games with a staff member. I always felt/knew Mom was well cared for and I appreciated the welcome atmosphere I always felt. Thanks for the wonderful and knowledgeble care. Norma B.

J.D. (2012):
The care my Mother-in-law recieved at Citrus Manor was outstanding. She was treated as an indiviual and received personal attention and care. The staff-resident ratio is excellant. The care she received made our family happy and assured that the staff cares. J.D.

Gail and family (2012):
My 89 year old Mother, Helen, was placed in your care 2 years ago and remained with you until her passing in Jan. 2012. We just wanted you to know how pleased we all were with the level of care she received while here. She always told me how "sweet and kind" her caregivers were and she was very happy. She loved the food, especially the desserts. We as a family witnessed a high level of care and empathy during her stay and appreciate all you did to make her comfortable and happy. It meant alot to have Mom in a home setting and will certainly recommend Citrus Manor to whomever may have the need for a first class facility like yours. Gail R. and family

June and Orra (2012):
Dear friends of our Family, We would like to thank all the staff of Citrus for the love and the concern that you give our stepmom. She has been in your home for over a year now and we appreciate the care you all give to her. She has adjusted to her health issues and faces it realistically and with grace. Thank you also, for her tomato plant which she watches everyday. She enjoys the beauty of the yard and her view from the window. Sincerely, June and Orra

Gary (2012):
To the wonderful caregivers at Citrus Manor: We just wanted to thank you for taking such wonderful care of dad in the last year of his life, while battling Alzheimers. He was kept so clean and comfortable which was very comforting to all of his family. Your staff is very friendly, loving, and genuinely care about the people residing at Citrus Manor. The home cooked food seemed to be enjoyable to everyone. At the end, the staff never left his side. He was treated with the upmost dignity. We could go on and on raving about this wonderful home because it is wonderful and we highly recommend it!

Metcalf's (2012)
Thankyou so much for the wonderful care and friendship you gave to mother. We always enjoy visiting you when we came to visit, and we never worried about mothers care at Citrus Manor.